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Posted by James Flynn on June 4, 2013 at 10:10 AM

This sura is titled "women" because it contains quite a few rules regarding women and marriage.

Again, there is a handful of decent advise in this chapter thrown in amongst some harsh, brutal advice too.

There is a paragraph or two regarding orphans and how they should be treated fairly, and rules regarding a kind of inheritance system.

Basically, there are some quite precise rules which seemed ok, and it was also mentioned that men and women get a share of what parents leave behind, and if there are poor and needy people around at the time, then give them some too, which is a pretty good bit of advice.

Unfortunately just about every page is filled  with the usual warnings about how unbelievers await an agonizing torment, and that you better not break the rules that are set out otherwise you will suffer for it etc etc.

And this is not an exaggeration either.  I think every page more or less is there to just drum into the reader that god controls everything, and if you believe and obey, you will be fine, but if you are an unbeliever then agonizing torment awaits.

My favourite rant in this chapter is when god says that anyone who rejects the revelations will burn in the fire until their skin has been burned away, and then god will give them new skin just so they can suffer some more.  But if you believe, you get to live in a nice garden with a stream.  Don't believe me? Read it for yourself below......

This is just one of many threats contained whin this sura, but other preachings that I noted down was the fact that you can have up to four wives(this almost made me want to convert) and other rules regarding women that were a little bit biased.

One rule, broken down into my own words, basically went like this.....

If a women commits a lewd act, call four witnesses, then if she admits to guilt, keep her at home until death.  Not for a few weeks/months, but literally until death.  Or until god shows another way of sorting it out. It then goes on to say if two men commit lewd act, punish them, then if they mend their ways, leave them alone - "god is full of mercy!".

Being a man does have it's perks.

As far as I can tell so far, muslims can drink alcohol, but cannot pray whilst intoxicated.  You can walk through a mosque intoxicated as long as you don't speak to god, and if you have had intercourse then you must wash before passing through.

"People of the book are mentioned in the quran, and I have worked out that this means people of the bible basically. 

There is a message for people of the book to stop thinking too highly of Jesus, for he was only a messenger, and to stop talking of a holy trinity.  I can't really tell whether this is good advise or bad because I have never read the bible(maybe that will be my next book).

There are messages in here that are a bit worrying too.  Believers are basically given permission to kill unbelievers if they turn on you, and act in a ruthless manner towards them.  I have added a paragraph here for you to read.....

I was hoping for a peaceful book, there is some nice messages in here, but it seems to be aimed at believers only.

Maybe the rest of the book will get better.

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Reply shainee
3:38 PM on June 4, 2013 
Being a woman I Thank my stars ! They have some unfair laws for women .Some men might had manipulated Quran in the ancient time for their own benefit.

Reply James Flynn
1:54 PM on June 5, 2013 
It's been an interesting read so far. Do you think people still believe in this book and live by what it teaches today?
Reply dalia
11:49 PM on June 12, 2013 
First, I want to apologize if my comment is toooooo long, and second, I hope you read it all..
I read on twitter that you've been reading the Holy Quran, and I just have to say it surprised me! and I was surprised even more to know you haven't read the Bible! ... so I just had to find your blog and read your review!
I have to say that Quran in English sounded REALLY strange! and I'm not really sure about how well it is translated.. But I want to say something, this very sura "al nesa'a" as in Arabic or "women" is actually to protect women.. you can't just grab a translated copy of Quran and read it without understanding where did this all come from.. and to be prief, people before islam used to kill baby girls as soon as they were borned, and those who were kept alive had no rights at all.. so when Islam came women were actually protected and given rights they have never ever dreamed of! on of which is the inheritance system, which is by it self (that system) stopped alot of fighting between family members as well as giving rights to women within the family..
I don't know what else to say, but one thing is definite, you should've read about the reason behind each sura and sometimes behind some stories within the sura so that you will understand truly and deeply, because I can definitely say reading the paragraphs in English is like reading a different book some how and it's empty of spirit! not the same as in Arabic, which is as I'm sure you know the original language for the Holy Quran....
and YES!, we still believe in Quran.. but unfortunately, NO! we don't exactly live by what it teaches, or say.. otherwise you would have seen better muslims..
one more thing.. People of the book, as strangely as it sounds in English, as it took me a minute to realize that oh! he means "ahlulketab" as in Arabic, but anyhow, people of the book are Jews, Christian and Muslims.. why they are called "people of the book"? will, it means people who believe in the Holy books sent from Allah (God), which are "Torah" for Jews, "Bible" for Christians, and "Quran" for muslims, and the only book that has NOT been manipulated is Quran.. and as muslims, we believe in all three books, but not the virgins existing now a days, but the originals..
I haven't read other reviews, but I hope I will..
Reply dalia
1:04 AM on June 15, 2013 
I want to correct my self in some thing, people of the book are Jews and Christians ONLY! Muslims are NOT included, sorry for the mistake.. and of course I meant "versions" or copies of these books, I apologize for any mis-written words!