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Posted by James Flynn on December 27, 2013 at 4:15 PM

Iv'e been trying to get around to writing something new on here for quite a while now, now that certain events are receding (hopefully for good) into the past.  Therefore my ranting about one of the fictional books is over -  i'll leave it for somebody else to waste their time on.

I was going to write about the many wonders of nature/evolution that I read about, but there is too much to choose from so i'll save that for a future post, and for now return to what this blog was originally for anyway......my artwork.

For a long time now I have been creating art purely for my own pleasure.  Having left my art group a while back and eventually deciding not to exhibit anymore.

An immediate result of this was that I enjoyed drawing a lot more, and (in my opinion) the quality of my work increased too.

Of course this was down to the decrease in pressure, not having the thought of people gazing over the finished piece in a gallery makes the process a lot more relaxing and enjoyable.

Another, more interesting reason though is because in previous years I often realised that I was creating art trying to anticipate what other people would like, rather than what I wanted to paint, which should be the main objective.

My last exhibition is a good memory for me, but I don't really look back at the body of work I produced with great fondness.  My paintings were of a high quality, but the subjects didn't really connect with each other very well.  I suppose this was because I was painting to sell rather than painting to express myself.

So, since my exhibition I have been content with the prospect of not exhibiting anymore and simply storing my artwork away.  But I am starting to think that maybe there will be another exhibition in the future somewhere.  Not anytime soon, but at some point I think it will happen.

And next time around it will be a different experience. 

I will spend a lot longer building up paintings, and there will be a much stronger theme to the exhibition.  Each painting will have more depth and meaning, and will tell the viewer a lot more about me when viewing the work.  I will not be in a rush to do this, as I want each painting to be a strong piece, but I now have a real project to work towards.

I suppose I have to say.....watch this space.

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