James Flynn

Welcome to my site...

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, although I never thought I would be quite as dedicated as I am now. As an artist I am completely self taught. Everything I know, I have picked up along the way through observation, and years of practice.

My art has taken many forms throughout the years. I spent a good part of my teenage life involved in the street art scene, heavily focusing on letters and outlines rather than portraits, but street art introduced me to airbrushing, and this is where my love of portraiture really began to come out.

After years of spraying paint and airbrushing, I inevitably ended up going back to a more traditional method of painting and drawing. My work focuses primarily on portraits, and I strive to produce realistic paintings with a loose, free style. In this respect I think my street art days still has a big influence on my work, but why not take a look for yourself. I now use this website primarily for my blog, but my artwork can be viewed here: