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Posted by James Flynn on March 23, 2015 at 12:50 PM

As I get closer and closer to finishing my book I still can't actually believe I am even writing one. It's been a long time in the making, and what started out as rough notes scribbled on to a cheap A4 pad is now on the way to being sculpted into a fully structured story. It hasn't been easy, it has been much harder than I expected it to be, and I have genuinely lost count of how many times I have reworked and edited the manuscript. Just recently I thought I was close to being finished but I now realise that I have a full list of amendments to do, as well as write two fresh scenes. But perhaps the hardest part of all has been keeping it to myself all this time. I have been writing for almost a year and a half with absolutely no feedback whatsoever. Yes, I suppose I could have given the draft copies to somebody to skim through along the way but I wanted the first person to read it without any fore knowledge, and despite the temptation to start spilling the details to people I have resisted, but now that I have got this far, I want to just put the storyline out there to try and gauge what people are going to think of it.

So, what's it all about then? Well I will start by saying that technically my novel would have to be put in the category of science fiction, or sci-fi thriller to be more precise. Now if you are anything like me you will be slightly put off by the term sci-fi. Apart from "red dwarf" being one of my all time favourite shows, I haven't ever been much of a sci-fi fan myself in the past, and I have never been drawn to it, but I do love reading about space and when I was trying to come up with a premise for a story, an article that I was reading gave me my idea. It is worth noting that I think I have actually managed to write a science fiction novel that could appeal to book lovers outside of that particular spectrum as well as lovers of the genre.

My book is based on the concept of a generation ship; a theory of future interstellar travel that has been speculated on in the past. I have used this idea as a platform to build my story upon. Anybody who is unfamiliar with what a generation ship is, do follow this link to a great Wikipedia page which documents the theory very well - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_ship

So to sum up the plot of the story I will say this - In a not so distant dystopian future, global warming has rendered large sections of the planet inhospitable. The worlds' dwindling energy supplies are largely provided by corporations in the growing industry which is - extra terrestrial mining. A dominant player in the game - The Universal Mining Agency announces a special prototype project named Conservation. It is said to be a huge ship with an onboard ecosystem and wildlife, as well as numerous houses and villages that will be launched into space, headed for Proxima Centauri; a star that will take tens of thousands of years to reach. The mining agency advertises the project as a chance for families to escape the poverty and poor standards of living on Earth in pursuit of a better future, where they will live out their entire lives onboard, leaving their offspring to continue with the mission, and so on for many generations. Due to Earth becoming a ticking clock, the project is flooded with applicants, and all goes well until three decades into the mission a disturbing video call to the ship is followed by a complete loss of communication, and an apparent lack of concern by the agency behind it. The authorities lack of enthusiasm about the vessel forces a donator to the project to do some vigilante style investigating, resulting in a disturbing discovery regarding a crew member, and seeing an ugly side to an enterprise that likes to portray a clean image.

I hope it sounds appealing because I can't wait for you to read it. I will be forwarding the manuscript onto some publishers hopefully in the next few months, but I have not dealt with book publishers before so I don't know what they will make of it, but there is always self publishing as a last resort. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and I'd really like to see people reading it so I'll keep you all posted as the whole venture draws to a close.



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